Why can I login through Facebook?
Oolala users can login with Facebook account to validate their identity and to provide their friend connections. Oolala is all about friends of friends, and so we need to know who your friends are to get you connected to the best possible matches!

Are you going to post on my timeline?
No, Oolala will never post to your timeline. Facebook may display that you’ve downloaded the app, but you can prevent this by changing the visibility settings to “Only Me” in the app center preferences.

Is my activity within Oolala private?
Browsing users in Oolala is completely anonymous – Only your First Name is revealed in order for your friends to recognize you.

What do you do with my information?
All information provided to Oolala through Facebook are never sold or distributed to any third parties. Oolala uses this information exclusively to make your experience on Oolala better. You can disconnect Oolala from your Facebook account at any time, and Oolala will immediately delete all of your personal information.

Can I permanently remove my information and deauthorize my account?
Of course. To uninstall Oolala, go to from a desktop computer (will not work from mobile device) and remove the app from the list. Then, on your phone, delete the app icon as you normally would. Please note, if you choose to reinstall Oolala later, you will be starting fresh!