The Team

CEO/Growth Hacker
Looks like a hipster, but secretly he’s a rabbi. Guiom wanted to “connect people”. Nokia already came up with it, so he created oOlala. He’s unstoppable, a force of nature when it comes to networking… But when it comes to code, to his mind: “everything is just a simple hyperlink”. Well, sometimes he’s right.

CTO/Product Engineer

Front-end Engineer: Android
Very quiet and calm,  but he’s a real machine when it comes to code. He made the Galaxy working on every Android devices without any lag. Bravo Cedric, you’re an oOlalaman.

Front-end Engineer: iOS
He’s all about swimming with inflating sharks (don’t ask us what he does with it). He promised he’ll try his best making oOlala compatible on an iPhone 3G… If we buy him an iWatch Edition. He cooks like a chef, when xCode is compiling, and loves long walks on the beach… with his drone.

Back-end Engineer
The peaceful strength of the team. He’s the reason why you don’t see any creepy, stalking, sociopath people in the Galaxy. So yes, he’s a our hero. A genius that needs 45mn to shave but 3mn to reverse engineer any API.